Learn how a community of committed caregivers guided Steve's healing journey.


Dr. Scott Hardin

Medical director, physical medicine & rehabilitation (inpatient)

As the medical director and vice chief of staff, Scott oversees rehabilitation services for Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center. Approximately 20% of patients are coping with the after-effects of a stroke, while others are recovering from amputations, spinal surgeries, neuropathies, myopathies, and other injuries or illnesses.

"Most stroke patients, like Steve Hofmann, come to us by ambulance to the emergency department," he explained. "We become involved very quickly, usually during the admission process. While the patient is receiving acute care in the hospital, we partner with the attending physician to determine if they need inpatient rehab – or if another facility be more appropriate for their needs."

"We develop very individualized care, based on each patient's unique situation. The typical stroke patient, for example, will receive physical therapy to improve mobility, occupational therapy to improve their daily living, and speech therapy to assist with memory, thinking and swallowing. From shift to shift, from discipline to discipline, the patient receives coordinated, ongoing therapies that last at least 3-4 hours each day – sometimes more."

Scott feels that Aurora Rehabilitation Services' coordinated care program is really ahead of the curve. "We have staff nurses (like Marty Castillo) who are dedicated to bringing everything together for the patient and family. They are a single source of coordinated communication that helps people navigate the system." The end result is a more seamless, less fragmented patient experience.

Scott is inspired by the passion of the Aurora caregiver community. "We have so many people involved in every patient's recovery, dedicated to delivering the best possible experience a patient could ever have. As you'll learn, as many as 200 caregivers could touch a rehabilitation patient's experience from start to finish. And they all invest so much in every individual outcome."