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Like family—Aurora Lakeland Medical Center

When you enjoy a rich history with a hospital, deep bonds naturally develop and strengthen as generation after generation relies on the care they receive—sharing key moments in life.

Aurora Lakeland Medical Center enjoys this pivotal relationship with the area, serving community members in the Elkhorn and Lake Geneva vicinity. Dedicated to the well-being of Walworth County, the hospital and its staff have served as trusted community partners since 1917.

"I was born in this hospital," says Anthony Quintanilla, manager of emergency services for Lakeland, "and I've lived here my whole life. As an emergency service provider, I could feel a strong sense of accountability and ownership from caregivers. I liked how patients were treated, and how I was treated as a care partner. That's what made me choose Aurora Lakeland."

"Our ER is the front door of our hospital and where we can make the most lasting impression. Fortunately, many of our ER staff nurses have 20-plus years of training, our EMS coordinator has worked for 30 years in the market, and we now have relationships with 17 local ambulance providers. We offer decades of local, hands-on expertise and a strong community connection. We want patients to feel it," Anthony stresses.

Bringing advances close to home

Not relying on the past, Lakeland completed extensive renovation and remodeling in 2010, adding new diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and expanding its physician offering to create a new patient experience. This new offering embraces the community connection of the past and introduces advanced medical services and technology to the area.

Today, the 109-bed community hospital, clinics and experienced physician groups offer a full range of medical, diagnostic and surgical services, including birthing services and 24-hour emergency care—with a high nurse-to-patient ratio.

In September 2010, Aurora Lakeland introduced a hospitalist program that allows patients and their families to have a greater involvement in their care. "We are here all the time, and can have our hands on the patient within minutes," explains Dr. Yaveen Santhiraj, hospitalist. "Through face-to-face discussions, we're able to talk through the disease process, care plan, and follow-up actions to be taken. We can resolve anything the patient is concerned about, in the moment."

Strong local connections to care

Patients are accustomed to receiving advanced medical services from caregivers who are also friends and neighbors. "The people who work here, live here," says Ania Horner, manager of the Intensive Care Unit and inpatient rehabilitation. "It's one of the most open, warm and friendly cultures I've ever seen. Caregivers know that the people who come through the door are friends, neighbors and relatives. You are greeted right away when you walk in."

Ania's passion for health care began at Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington, where her mother was the ICU manager. "I was right in there with the nurses, learning how to provide patient care. Even as a young child, I knew I wanted to work where I could make a difference every day."

And Ania is confident that patients feel that difference. "I consistently hear our patients say, 'I feel special' because caregivers know who they are and take such a tremendous interest in their health. This is the experience we can provide at Aurora Lakeland."

Dr. David Greenberg, emergency services physician, agrees. "People are often amazed at how quickly they are seen, fully treated and released. In 90 minutes, one patient had seen a doctor, completed an X-ray, received a diagnosis, been fitted for a cast, filled their prescription, and left the hospital. They commented that they may have waited 90 minutes just to be seen at their usual facility."

Lakeland's offerings include: cancer care services, senior services, diabetic education, women's health, sleep disorders clinic, wound care, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and intensive care, among others. With 130 physicians in 35 specialties, these local medical professionals ensure their neighbors get the care they deserve—wherever they need it, even in their homes.

"I've never worked in a hospital like this," explains Dr. Greenberg. "When I call for a cardiac consult, I don't receive a callback in 5 minutes –- because the cardiologist is standing right next to me, in person. The patients feel that devotion."

"We're actively working to raise our level of trauma service —progressively moving forward to make a difference in our community," adds Anthony. "We serve a large rural market with different emergencies than you'd see in cities, such as farming accidents and off-road collisions. We always have to consider how far a patient may have traveled to us."

Beyond critical care, the Lakeland Medical Center also serves as a hub for getting healthy and staying fit. Its Community Education Center sponsors a variety of events, classes and workshops for residents of all ages. First-time parents enjoy compassionate support and education to encourage their baby's optimal growth and development.

"We see a number of vacationers from the Chicagoland area, and they're often surprised by our level of technology, onsite service capabilities and access to advanced resources. They don't expect these services to be here," remarks Ania. "and we just keep surprising them."

Learn more about the newly renovated Aurora Lakeland Medical Center or contribute to Aurora Lakeland Medical Center's Foundation to enhance health care in Walworth County.