Historical Timeline of Aurora Sinai Medical Center

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1863 Milwaukee Hospital opens, administered by the Institution of Protestant Deaconesses in Pittsburgh
1903 Mount Sinai Hospital opens
1910 Evangelical Deaconess Hospital opens
1928 St. Luke's Hospital opens
1929 Lutheran Deaconess Motherhouse incorporates and assumes administration of Milwaukee Hospital
1931 Milwaukee Hospital incorporates (although still owned by LDM)
1966 Milwaukee Hospital changes name to Lutheran Hospital of Milwaukee
1980 Lutheran Hospital of Milwaukee and Evangelical Deaconess Hospital merge to form Good Samaritan Medical Center. Deaconess campus closes and programs are consolidated at Lutheran Hospital campus in 1985.
1984 Good Samaritan Medical Center and St. Luke's Hospital affiliate to form St. Luke's Samaritan Health Care, Inc.
1987 Mount Sinai Medical Center merges with Good Samaritan Medical Center as Sinai Samaritan Medical Center and, as such, affiliates with St. Luke's Samaritan Health Care, Inc.
1988 Merge to form Sinai Samaritan; becomes Aurora Health Care, Inc.
1998 Samaritan's Kilbourn Ave. campus (originally Milwaukee Hospital) closes
2001 Sinai Samaritan's name was changed to Aurora Sinai Medical Center.
2009 Aurora Sinai Medical Center legally merged into Aurora Health Care Metro, Inc.