150 Years - A Legacy of Care

1903 and 1986, the nursing schools of our three legacy hospitals (Milwaukee/Lutheran, Evangelical Deaconess, and Mount Sinai) graduated over 5,000 nurses. In honor of National Nurses' Week, we are sharing the voices of nurse graduates who continue this legacy within the Aurora Health Care system today.

Karin Meier, RN

Dorothy Kassahn, RN

Sue Peck, RN

Beverly Nehring, RN

Sybille Fortin, RN

In 2013, Aurora Health Care honors the 150-year history of Milwaukee Hospital, the ancestor of today's Aurora Sinai Medical Center. We invite you to participate in our celebration and mark this milestone with a tribute gift.

Your gift of $1,500, $1,000, $750, $500 or $150 will support Well Community programs at Aurora Sinai. Celebrate this legacy of care by recognizing a caregiver, physician or loved one to whom you wish to pay tribute. A list of those honored and remembered will be added to the tribute page on our Sinai150 website throughout the year.

Click here to make a tribute gift in support of Aurora Sinai Well Community programs.