Back & Spine Care Services

Four out of five Americans suffer from neck or back pain. But you don’t have to be one of them.

Back and neck pain can disrupt your work, ruin your mood and keep you from your favorite activities. You don’t have to live with consistent pain. We can help you feel your best.

Our back and spine experts offer a variety of treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, to help you get back to living the life you love. 

Back and Spine at Aurora St. Luke's

Back & Spine at Aurora St. Luke's

  • Let the experts at Aurora St. Luke's help you get relief from back and neck pain. Whether a herniated disk, lumbar stenosis, spinal fractures, spinal tumors or another spinal condition is holding you back, we offer leading-edge treatments.
Sheboygan Spine Institute

Sheboygan Spine Institute

  • Neck and back pain can be caused by accident, injury or everyday strain. At the Sheboygan Spine Institute, our multidisciplinary team of doctors will work together to evaluate and treat your pain.
Aurora Back and Spine: Non-surgical Treatments

Non-surgical Treatments

  • Just because you have back pain doesn't mean you'll need back surgery. Aurora Health Care offers a variety of non-surgical treatments: physical therapy, rehabilitation, integrative medicine, pain management and behavioral health care.

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It’s time to stop living with back pain. We’re here to help.

Contact us at the Back & Spine Program at Aurora St. Luke’s (call 414-649-3300), Aurora BayCare Spine Care (call 866-938-0035) or the Sheboygan Spine Institute (call 920-453-3961) for more information.