Preventing Back Pain

The fifth most common reason people see a doctor is for back and neck pain.  No wonder.  Nagging back pain can be a real pain in the neck, figuratively and literally. Especially when it keeps you from living life to the fullest.  

Most back pain goes away within a few days. But if your back pain is keeping you from the things you like to do, it’s time for expert help.

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Tips to Prevent Back Pain and Back Injuries

Here’s some good news: Back pain and injuries are preventable. Here are some ways to protect your back:

  • Hit the gym: Exercise, especially low-impact aerobic activities, helps your muscles loosen up and increases strength and endurance without straining your back. Make abdominal and back muscle (core-strengthening) exercises part of your daily routine.
  • Skip dessert: Staying within 10 pounds of your ideal weight has been shown to minimize back pain.
  • Stop smoking: In addition to causing cancer, researchers believe smoking narrows blood vessels, restricting oxygen and important nutrients from reaching the spine. This makes it harder for your body to heal from a back problem.
  • Sleep sideways: Experts say that’s the best position for your back.
  • Pick the right chair: A good seat has lower back support, arm rests and a swivel base. Get up or change positions at least every 30 minutes.  And while you’re sitting, keep your knees and hips level.
  • Stand up straight: Lift your head up, with your stomach pulled in. (sentence right before this, also uses the word keep) If you stand for long periods, alternate placing one foot on a low footstool to keep stress off your lower back.
  • Lift carefully: When it’s time to lift something heavy, bend your knees and squat to let your legs do the work instead of your back. Don’t twist your body when you’re lifting.

Whether you’re experiencing a dull ache or intense back pain, we’re here to help. Our team of highly qualified back and spine care experts offer patients a full spectrum of integrated treatment options, including neuroscience, rehabilitation, orthopedics, weight management and integrative medicine.

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Your bad back shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your favorite activities. If you’ve been putting off seeing a doctor, it’s time to make that call. Let us help. 

Contact us at the Back and Spine Program at Aurora St. Luke’s, Aurora BayCare Spine Care, or at the Sheboygan Spine Institute.