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The Adult Behavioral Health Program

Adult Behavioral Health ProgramThe path to recovery

The Adult Program at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital is built upon the belief that recovery from mental health and substance abuse problems can be achieved through a comprehensive approach to one's psychological and social needs. We offer an evidence-based approach that provides the hope, healing, empowerment and connection that makes recovery possible. We believe that recovery can occur even though symptoms may recur and that individuals are responsible for the solution, not the problem.

Admissions and referrals

What is recovery?

Recovery is a journey of healing, helping patients to realize they have choices and, with assistance, can reduce or stabilize their symptoms.

We believe that recovery is possible. Hope is essential for individuals and families to begin recovery. We assist with healing by helping the individuals recover from their illness. This process involves developing skills that provide a sense of control over the effects of illness. We believe empowerment is gained through building self-esteem and recognizing the successes of self-management. When individuals understand that they are not defined by their illness, they are able to re-connect with their family, friends and community.

What can this program provide?

We help patients learn personal strategies for managing stress, panic, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, anger, irrational fears and other emotional and behavioral problems. Our patients learn to identify negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviors and develop recovery strategies to manage their emotional distress.

Adult program at Aurora Psychiatric HospitalSpecialized programming

At Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, we recognize that each person has unique clinical and social needs. To meet these needs, we offer programming designed to help with the specific issues and problems affecting the individual.

  • Affective Disorders: This program helps persons experiencing severe affective problems including depression, anxiety, or self-harm. Here, the focus is on learning to recognize triggers or factors contributing to illness and developing skills to reduce the impact of symptoms and prevent relapse.
  • Thought Disorders: This program is designed for individuals who are experiencing thought disorders including psychosis, mania or schizophrenia. The focus of programming involves understanding the nature of illness, how to effectively manage disorganized thinking and develop relapse prevention strategies.
  • Substance Abuse/Dual Diagnosis: For individuals who require medically monitored detoxification and/or treatment for co-occurring disorders, this program helps individuals begin the path to recovery and sobriety. The strategies in this program help individuals understand their readiness for change as they begin their path to recovery.
  • Eating Disorders: This program helps persons experiencing eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia. The focus is on medical stability, nutrition developing skills and strategies to reduce symptoms and prevent relapse.

Program components and levels of care

The Adult Behavioral Health Program at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital utilizes medical, psychological and social interventions. The primary components of our program involve psychiatric evaluation and medication management, group therapy, family therapy and education. The treatment objectives of our program are to:

  • Maintain safety
  • Stabilize behaviors
  • Provide education related to the illness
  • Develop relapse prevention skills
  • Maximize self care abilities

In addition to inpatient care, we also offer partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programming and residential care.

About Aurora Psychiatric Hospital

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital offers an ideal setting for individuals who are struggling with mental health or substance abuse problems. Located on a beautiful, 30-acre wooded campus in Wauwatosa, Aurora Psychiatric Hospital is a not-for-profit hospital and has been a leader in behavioral health care since 1884.

Our treatment team includes some of the area's leading psychiatrists, therapists and behavioral health nurses – all dedicated to delivering evidence-based treatment in a caring and confidential manner. Through our high level of clinical expertise, commitment to excellence and participation in clinical research, our patients benefit from the most advanced and innovative treatment options available.

Admissions and referrals

Through the Intake and Admissions department at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, we offer assessments 24 hours per day for inpatient care. Assessments can also be facilitated for the Adult Partial Hospitalization program and the Intensive Outpatient program through our Central Scheduling department.

Inpatient hospitalization: (414) 454-6777
Partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programming: (414) 773-4312