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Kradwell School

Kradwell School is a freestanding alternative school serving 5th through 12th grade students. Kradwell is recognized as a private school by the Wisconsin State Department of Public Instruction. In addition to private tuition students, we serve 24 school districts in southeastern Wisconsin who contract with Kradwell School to provide educational services for their exceptional education students.

Kradwell School provides a full range of academic courses for 5th through 12th grade students who are unable to succeed in the transitional school setting. These students include most types of learning and emotional disabilities including ADD. and ADHD. The faculty of 10 includes E.D. and content area teachers, thus allowing us to offer remedial through advanced courses. Each teacher holds a Wisconsin Teacher Certificate.

Kradwell offers a half day program, both morning and afternoon. Each session runs 3 hours and is divided into six 30-minute classes. Individualized instruction is the teaching method used at Kradwell. The student/teacher ratio is 5 to 1. Individualized instruction consists of planning and conducting a program of studies that is tailored to each student's learning needs and to his/her unique characteristics as a learner.

Though a half-day program, individualized instruction and the small student/teacher ratio allows our students to earn the same educational credits as students in the traditional school setting. Progress reports (report cards) are issued every 6 weeks. Unique to our program are progress notes issued weekly. These notes are mailed to parents, referral agents and therapists (with parental permission).

Kradwell School offers year round programming. This includes a traditional 2-semester calendar and a 6-week summer school session. Enrichment and make-up classes are offered in summer school. A full range of academic courses and Phy. Ed. is offered in summer school. High school students can earn up to 3 credits.

Graduation requirements follow the recommendations of the Wisconsin State Department of Public Instruction. All of our students take a Careers class during their senior year. The Careers teacher works collaboratively with parents, therapists, school district personnel and social services personnel to develop a transition plan. Our goal is to lay the groundwork for future educational success, such as college, technical school or apprenticeships.

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