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Behavioral health programs for adults

The Adult Behavioral Health Program

Adult Behavioral Health ProgramThe path to recovery

The Adult Program at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital is built upon the belief that recovery from mental health and substance abuse problems can be achieved through a comprehensive approach to one's psychological and social needs. We offer an evidence-based approach that provides the hope, healing, empowerment and connection that makes recovery possible. We believe that recovery can occur even though symptoms may recur and that individuals are responsible for the solution, not the problem.

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Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center adult services

Inpatient care

The Adult Behavioral Unit is a 24-bed unit for acutely ill psychiatric and substance abuse patients. Services begin with intensive evaluation provided by a multidisciplinary team including psychiatrists, primary care physicians, mental health counselors, alcohol and drug counselors, and registered nurses.

A multidisciplinary plan is formulated and patients are involved in services aimed at rapidly stabilizing their condition and preparing them for the next level of care. Alcohol and drug patients are detoxified. Acute psychiatric patients may be stabilized on medication. The daily program is structured and patients are involved in a variety of services including activity therapy, group therapy, educational groups, individual counseling, family counseling, and individual teaching.

Average lengths of stay are around 5 days. Emphasis is placed through case management on discharge planning.

Outpatient services

Outpatient services are provided at The Center. Mental health patients receive evaluation services provided by a master's level therapist, followed by a variety of therapies. These may include group, and family therapy. Therapy is often brief, lasting 6-12 sessions. Those mental health patients requiring psychiatric evaluation and/or medication are referred to Aurora Sheboygan Clinic.

Alcohol and drug abuse patients receive a complete assessment by a certified alcohol and drug counselor. Many patients are then involved in Primary Outpatient Treatment. This structured program provides group therapy 3 times per week for 12 weeks. Individual and family therapy are added as needed. Patients then enter Continuing Care, which includes weekly group, individual and family therapy as needed.

Relapse Prevention services consisting of specialized groups are available for those patients assessed as meeting criteria for being "relapse prone." Lengths of stay in both mental health services and alcohol and drug services vary based on patient's progress.

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Aurora St. Luke's South Shore adult services

Adult chemical/dual diagnosis services

Aurora St. Luke's South Shore provides a wide range of services for adults struggling with alcoholism, drug dependency, gambling or other addictive behaviors. Through our continuum or care, a variety of treatment options are available allowing the physician or therapist to design a program tailored to meet the special needs of each individual. This helps ensure a lasting recovery.

Adult psychiatric services

Emotional and psychological difficulties are among the most complex of human problems, requiring exceptional sensitivity and professionalism. At Aurora St. Luke's South Shore, we understand that maintaining individual dignity is an important part of our responsibility as health care professionals. Our staff is committed to helping individuals find solutions to personal, work and family problems, and achieve health, stability and quality of life.

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