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Eating Disorder Treatment Cost Effective, Patient Centered Care

What is Unique About the Eating Disorder Services at Aurora?

Individualized and Intensive Treatment:

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  • We offer individualized and intensive eating disorder treatment in three programs: inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient. Our team of eating disorder treatment professionals recognizes that each person is unique and therefore we work with you to tailor the program to fit your individual medical, therapeutic, and nutritional needs.
  • Males and Females ages 16 and older: We recognize that eating disorders affect both males and females of all ages so we have developed our programs to address the needs of individual's ages 16 and older.
  • Complimentary Insurance Verification: When you call us, you will receive a free insurance benefit verification to assist you in evaluating your coverage. We accept most major managed healthcare and medical insurance plans and offer affordable payment arrangements.
  • Complimentary Consultations: When you call into Aurora Psychiatric Hospital, you will be connected with our eating disorder admissions staff and have the opportunity to speak with a member of our clinical team for a consultation to determine if our program is the right fit for you.

Call today and get connected with your team of treatment professionals at (414) 454-6694.