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Crisis Intervention Team

Police work is dangerous and difficult. Facing an agitated suspect with mental health or addiction issues makes it even more dangerous. Milwaukee police officers teamed up with the national Alliance on Mental illness and Aurora behavioral health experts to learn how to defuse such situations in the crisis intervention team program. Seventy-eight Milwaukee police officers have been trained, and more classes are planned.

In the past, officers had minimal training in these situations. Without the crisis intervention training, officers often found themselves in a position that quickly escalated into violence. Today, we're better prepared. We've been able to defuse potentially volatile encounters.

Everyone is on a tight budget, and for us to be able to get this caliber of training at little or no cost is a tremendous benefit. Aurora has been a great partner. They've helped us to be a better department. We share the same goal – to serve our community the best way that we can.

Deputy Inspector Anna Ruzinski
Milwaukee Police Department