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Aurora St. Luke's South Shore

The Adult Partial Hospital Program for Depression and Anxiety

Aurora St Luke's South Shore now offers Partial Hospital Programming for adults who are struggling with persistent and complicated mental health issues.

Conveniently located just south of Milwaukee, the Partial Hospitalization Program at Aurora St. Luke's South Shore is built upon the belief that recovery from mental health problems can be fostered through a comprehensive approach to biological, psychological and social needs. We offer an evidence-based approach that provides the hope, healing, empowerment and connection that makes recovery possible.

Admissions and Referrals

Assessments and referrals for the Partial Hospitalization Program at Aurora St. Luke's South Shore can be facilitated by calling (414) 489-4919.

Partial Hospitalization

Aurora St. Luke's South Shore Adult Partial Hospital Program uses a comprehensive evidence-based approach to assist those with persistent and complicated mental health issues. The program provides the structure, support, empowerment, and education necessary to help participants manage and overcome their mental health issues. Treatment is provided for mood, anxiety, and thought disorders. Safety issues that can be mitigated without the need for in-patient care are addressed.

The multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, nurses, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, and case managers use a biological, psychological, and social approach to meet participants' specific needs. The program involves group education and therapy, individual and family therapy as needed, psychiatric evaluation, medication management, and assistance with aftercare. The goals are for participants to achieve safety, reduce or stabilize symptoms, increase knowledge and management of mental health issues, develop relapse prevention skills, improve coping and self-care skills, and for increased efficacy of medications.

Participants attend the program Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 3:30PM. Typical length of stay in the program is from 1½ to 2 weeks, dependant on treatment progress and insurance coverage. Most insurance are accepted.

Participants are referred to the program from in-patient care, emergency care, out-patient providers, insurance carriers, and self-referrals. To schedule an assessment for the program or for additional information please call (414) 489-4919.


Aurora St. Luke's South Shore
5900 S. Lake Drive
4th Floor, Behavioral Health
Cudahy, WI, 53110