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NORC Diagnostic Screen for Gambling Problems-Self Administered (NODS-SA)

This tool provides a simple self test to evaluate your gambling behavior. Please note:This is not a diagnosis and DOES NOT replace a face-to-face evaluation with a trained clinical professional.

Have there ever been periods lasting 2 weeks or longer when you spent a lot of time thinking about your gambling experiences, planning out future gambling ventures or bets, or thinking about ways of getting money to gamble with?
Have there ever been periods when you needed to gamble with increasing amounts of money or with larger bets than before in order to get the same feeling of excitement?
Have you ever felt restless or irritable when trying to stop, cut down or control your gambling?
Have you tried and not succeeded to stop, cut down, or control your gambling 3 or more times in your life?
Have you ever gambled to escape from personal problems or to relieve uncomfortable feelings such as guilt, anxiety, helplessness or depression?
Has there ever been a period when, if you lost money gambling one day, you would often return another day to get even?
Have you lied to family members, friends or others about how much you gamble, and/or about how much money you lost on gambling, on at least 3 occasions?
Have you ever written a bad check or taken money that didn't belong to you from family members, friends or anyone else in order to pay for your gambling?
Has your gambling ever caused serious or repeated problems in your relationships with any of your family members or friends? Or, has your gambling ever caused you problems at work or at school?
Have you ever needed to ask family members, friends, a lending institution, or anyone else to loan you money or otherwise bail you out of a desperate money situation that was largely caused by your gambling?