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Benefits of healthy stress management

Don Norum, MSW

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You will learn how:

  • Thoughts and physical reactions interact with each other.
  • To reduce unhealthy physical stress reactions before you over react.
  • To dismiss useless thoughts before they become a problem.
  • Healthy stress reactions can improve your physical health.
  • How healthy stress management can improve your communication with others.

What are people saying who learned healthy stress management?

  • "I'm more aware of my physical stress reactions as they happen so I can relax."
  • "I'm more likely to think before I speak now, so I don't say something I'd regret."
  • "I no longer over-react to drivers who cut me off. Healthy stress reactions help me control road rage."
  • "I worry less because I'm able to let go of reactions to situations I can't change.
  • "I like the idea that it only takes brief moments to successfully reduce stress."
  • "Greater awareness of my thoughts gives me the ability to let go of useless, negative thoughts."
  • "I feel less judgmental of others."
  • "I feel better about myself because I'm calmer and I choose my words better."