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Learning healthy stress management

Don Norum, MSW

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Healthy stress management is a therapy process that includes teaching specific tools for working with your thoughts and physical reactions that you will apply to a wide variety of stressful situations in your life.

The basic and simple explanation of how your thoughts and physical reactions interact in healthy and unhealthy ways will show you how the body and mind has a wonderful ability to work together for healthy stress management.

You will receive written material and a CD or cassette tape to use as aids to learn healthy stress management skills for:

  • Healthy physical reactions
  • Healthy thinking
  • Healthy sleeping if you are having sleep problems

You will increase awareness of:

  • How you are thinking in order to make better decisions about which thoughts are worth thinking about.
  • Your body and mind's physical reactions to stress so you can make better decisions to work with healthier physical stress reactions.
  • Yourself and your surroundings to help you enjoy moments you've hardly noticed before!

Healthy stress management tools are practical and efficient, easily fitting into your normal daily routine.

If you are interested in learning healthy stress management and want to find out more about Don Norum, his areas of specialty and information to schedule an appointment, please call 414-529-9188 (choose option #3).