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Healthy and unhealthy stress reactions

Don Norum, MSW

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What are stress reactions?

Stress reactions are the interactions of thoughts and physical reactions.

Thoughts and physical reactions interact and change your energy and intensity as the level of stress increases and decreases.

The essence of healthy stress management is learning how your thoughts and physical reactions interact in various stressful situations at various levels of energy and intensity.

Stressful thoughts increase the energy and intensity of physical stress reactions. The increase of physical energy and intensity in stressful situations intensifies your thoughts. It is the combination of your thoughts and physical reactions interacting that reinforce each other for healthy or unhealthy stress reactions.

The specific awareness and understanding of how your thoughts and physical reactions work together gives you the skills to adjust the interaction between your thoughts and physical reactions. This insures a healthier level of energy and intensity during normal daily stressful situations.

Healthy stress management teaches a specific form of relaxation that decreases how much you think as the body reduces unnecessary energy and intensity. This form of relaxation automatically sets the tone for more relaxed, productive thinking.

The first step to learning healthy stress management is more awareness of how your thoughts and physical reactions interact in healthy and unhealthy ways.

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