Support for Children Whose Parents Have Cancer

Child Life and Pediatric Counseling Services

When a parent or family member is diagnosed with cancer, everyone is affected, including children. Aurora’s Child Life Specialists are professionals trained in child development and who specialize in working with children of families who have been affected by cancer (critically ill or terminal). Child Life Specialists in the Cancer Counseling Center work closely with other health care professionals to meet your child’s and family’s needs. They are skilled at not only working with children, but also are training to integrate children back into the family unit, often with less distress and tears.

Child Life Specialists strive to provide support, education and resources to help the family unit cope with an illness.

How Can a Child Life Specialist Help?

Child Life Specialists:

  • Advocate for children and their families
  • Help prepare your child to understand and cope with a loved one’s hospitalization and medical procedures
  • Provide support to well children of sick adult patients
  • Prepare for visitation of a sick/dying loved one
  • Provide opportunities for play through age-appropriate toys and activities to encourage normal growth and development

How Can I Request a Specialist for My Child?

To learn about the services available or to schedule a free appointment, call 414-649-6018.