Cancer Immunotherapy

Team member conducting immunotherapy researchSince opening its doors more than 100 years ago, Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center has become an award-winning tertiary care center, dedicated to finding new and better ways to provide patient-centered medical care. Following in the medical center's rich tradition of innovation and advancement, the Cancer Immunotherapy Program at Aurora St. Luke's was developed 20 years ago to conduct research and offer customized treatments for cancer patients.

Immunotherapy is an ever-evolving, innovative treatment approach that uses the immune system to combat cancers and other diseases. The complex immune system components already fight off illnesses and infection but they may not be as efficient at killing some things such as tumor cells in certain cases. The immune system can be modified to induce, enhance, or suppress a response to disease or other treatment. It allows the body to work harder or smarter depending on the need. The benefits of such an approach can be fewer side effects and more effective treatment because it uses cells from your own body.