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While there are many remarkable advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, many patients and their families are unaware of the option of participating in clinical research trials. Cancer clinical trials are not exclusively for patients with the most advanced disease. In fact, many newly diagnosed cancer patients participate in clinical trials as well as people who are at high risk for cancer or have had cancer removed and now want to prevent its return.

Clinical trials for cancer at Aurora Health Care offer people exceptional treatment opportunities. Through participation in clinical trials, our patients have access to new anti-cancer approaches before they are widely available. Clinical research is an option available to each patient, but it's his or her choice to participate. Participation decisions are also based on how well the research fits into the patient's ideal plan for care. Together, the physicians and staff help potential participants understand the process of giving informed consent.

The research team at Aurora Health Care includes clinical research coordinators, data managers, research compliance specialists, research assistants, certified pharmacy technician, protocol review specialist, and research administrators who strive to exceed the highest standards of data quality and efficiency. They are driven by the belief that research is essential to excellent patient care. The research team is dedicated to quality and personalized caring for people with cancer and their families.

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