Hematologic Cancer

What is Hematologic Cancer?

Hematologic cancer affects your blood, bone marrow (where blood is produced) or lymphatic system (involving blood cells that fight infection).

Hematologic cancer occurs when blood cells don’t develop normally, and abnormal blood cells (cancerous cells) start growing. This prevents your blood from doing its job, like fighting off infections or preventing serious bleeding.

With treatment, many types of blood cancers may be curable. The medical team strives to provide patients with the highest quality of life over the longest period of time.

Hematologic cancers are complex and treatment plans are individualized, but three common types of hematologic cancers are:

If you receive a blood cancer diagnosis, your doctor will work with you to determine the best treatment for your type of cancer. Our dedicated experts are involved in cancer research, which allow our physicians to incorporate new treatment options into patient care plans whenever possible.

Aurora Cancer Care Second Opinions

It’s important to get the right diagnosis before beginning treatment. If you’ve received a blood cancer diagnosis, it’s okay to get a second opinion. In fact, many doctors encourage it.

Our team of experts at Aurora specializes in diagnosing and treating blood cancers. We are constantly refining the most advanced cancer treatment options that may not be available elsewhere. Get a second opinion from Aurora's award winning cancer specialists.

Aurora also provides a number of cancer support services and programs for patients and family to offer encouragement and help during each step of the way.