Melanoma Services

Smiling woman enjoying sun but aware of melanoma dangerOur skin is the largest organ of our body with a tremendous capacity to heal and regenerate. Heredity and the dangers of sun exposure contribute to skin cancer as a growing health concern.

Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer. While not the most common form of skin cancer, it causes the most deaths. About 10,000 people will die this year from melanoma. More prevalent in men than women, it preys on fair skin and those who burn easily; however, no one is immune. And, despite a better understanding of the need for sun protection, the changes in our environment have contributed to a 690 percent increase in melanoma in the last 50 years.

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center was the first hospital in Wisconsin to offer a Melanoma Pigmented Lesion clinic to focus on diagnosing melanoma. Through funding from the Robyn Temkin Melanoma Prevention Program, Aurora Cancer Care offers free skin cancer screenings and community education to build awareness about the dangers of melanoma.