Musculoskeletal Cancer Treatment

Aurora Health Care offers state-of-the-art treatment options for patients diagnosed with musculoskeletal cancer. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists collaborates to diagnose your condition and determine your best treatment options—even for the most complex cancers. We give you access to specialists who treat:

  • Soft tissue sarcoma (not bone cancer)
  • Metastatic carcinoma (cancer spread from other parts of your body)
  • Bone sarcoma (bone cancer)

Our multidisciplinary approach to treatment includes access to state-of-the-art treatment options including the latest clinical trials and other cutting-edge treatment modalities. We also consider your lifestyle and goals when determining your recommended treatment regime to match your needs and desires. In addition, to best facilitate your treatment, we offer you a nurse navigator who serves as your single link to our musculoskeletal team to assure smooth communication among your specialists and your primary care providers throughout your diagnosis and treatment.

Treatments for Musculoskeletal Cancer

If you’re diagnosed with musculoskeletal cancer, your physician may recommend that you undergo one of the following treatments for the optimal outcome:

Surgery: Surgical removal of the tumor with a wide margin is a primary treatment for musculoskeletal cancer.

Chemotherapy: Musculoskeletal cancer treatment often includes chemotherapy, used in combination with other therapies.

Radiation therapy: Radiation therapy, precisely targeted beams of radiation attack cancer cells to reduce recurrence

Radiofrequency ablation: A minimally invasive treatment ttechnique for some tumors involving bone.

Clinical trials: New types of treatments are being tested in clinical trials. Ask your doctor if a clinical trial is available for your type of cancer.

Another benefit to choosing Aurora for your care is that follow you after treatment for life-long, coordinated care from the same physicians who first diagnosed and treated your condition—who understand you and your unique needs—and closely follow the progression of your disease.

Aurora’s Musculoskeletal Cancer Doctors

While headquartered at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee, your musculoskeletal physician team sees patients throughout the state for various aspects of your care. To get started, please call the musculoskeletal oncology program at 414-649-7900. Learn more about our musculoskeletal physician team by viewing their individual physician profiles below.

Sarcoma Surgery
Santosh Krishnan, MD
Vijay Nuthakki, MD
Ajay Sahajpal, MD
Nick Webber, MD

Radiation Oncology
Perry Gould, MD
David Rohde, MD
Walter Wong, MD
Ellen Ziaja, MD

Medical Oncology
Jacob Frick, MD
Michael Mullane, MD
Ubain Nawaz, MD
Brenda Pierce, MD
Robert Taylor, MD

Stephanie Koplin, MD
Gary Neitzel, MD

Plastic Surgery
Andrew Dodd, MD
Andreas Doermann, MD
Thomas Kinney, MD

Interventional Radiology
Daniel Bloomgarden, MD
Paul Minor, MD

Leandro A. Espinosa, MD
Bradley Ferguson, MD
David Hinke, MD
Jonathan Levin, MD
Hemant Shah, MD

Physical Therapy
Leslie Waltke, PT

Cancer Nurse Navigator
Jennifer Wiesmueller, RN

For more information on Aurora’s musculoskeletal oncology program or to schedule an appointment, call 414-649-7900.