Pancreatic Cancer Services

Young woman with pancreatic cancer in the familyPancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in this country, but it has the highest mortality rate with a five-year survival rate of less than 5 percent. If treated early and physicians can intervene surgically the five-year survival rate increases.

Aurora Cancer Care has developed pancreatic cancer services designed to bring patients advanced treatment options and enhance outcomes. We have created a multidisciplinary team of specialists including gastroenterologists, Cancer Nurse Navigators, surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, radiologists, genetic counselors and other specialists. Together, our team of experts work with you to develop evidence-based treatment plans.

The pancreas is a gland that produces enzymes that help digest food. It also produces hormones like insulin that regulates how food is used and stored. The pancreas is about six inches long and is located in the abdomen behind the stomach. The pancreas is divided into the head, the body and the tail.

Most pancreatic cancers start in the head of the pancreas, in ducts that carry the digestive juices. A much smaller percentage of pancreatic cancers start in pancreatic cells that produce hormones. Most pancreatic tumors are adenocarcinomas.