CoreValve Clinical Research Trial

Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

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Video one: Illinois resident and CoreValve patient, Richard Ehlers shares his story along with his wife, Phyllis.
Video two: Tanvir Bajwa, MD, and Daniel O'Hair, MD, explain the procedure.
Video three: Who is a candidate for the procedure

In the medical world, every ten years or so, there is the potential for a major breakthrough. Specific to heart care, these types of breakthroughs are known as the defibrillator, stents, and the artificial heart. Now, there is a new potential that needs to be added to that list: CoreValve (an investigational device), and Aurora St. Luke’s is again at the forefront.

Aurora St. Luke's is one of 40 hospitals chosen from more than 1,000 that applied to participate in this research trial. Aurora St. Luke's was chosen based on its successful heart surgery outcomes and experience in cardiac care. 

Drs. Bajwa and O'Hair attribute a great deal of this honor to Aurora’s multidisciplinary approach to cardiac care which is leading the hospital system to better outcomes and more meaningful patient experiences.

Drs. Tanvir Bajwa and Daniel O'Hair are featured in the February issue of Milwaukee Magazine in recognition of their participation in the CoreValve clinical research trial. Download the article (PDF, 659 KB). 

CoreValve Expiremental Procedure

Aurora St. Luke’s Patient, Richard Ehlers, one of the first 10 patients to participate in the CoreValve clinical trial and his wife, Phyllis, also share their story about the amazing experimental technology they felt lucky to receive, but also the warmth and compassion and care they received as new patients of Aurora and St. Luke’s.

The videos will familiarize you with the clinical research trial procedure itself, who should consider participating in this research study, the Aurora doctors who perform the procedure and a patient who benefited from participation in this research study. Patients who are considering participating in this clinical research trial will be given additional information, incluiding a detailed informed consent document that will explain more about the research study, including the risks, potential benefits, and alternative procedures to consider.

You can also read Milwaukee's WTMJ4 feature story with additional video.

Interventional cardiologist, Dr. Tanvir K. Bajwa and cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Daniel O'Hair together are just part of the reason that Aurora Health Care, and specifically, Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center is maintaining its reputation for being a pioneer in cardiac care.