Patient Stories

David Norman experienced a quick recovery after receiving rib fracture surgery for his broken ribs.

David Norman

David Norman’s tumble down the stairs resulted in several broken ribs . He was taken to Aurora Medical Center in Summit where he met Dr. William Tisol. Given that so many ribs were broken right in a row, it would have been very difficult for them to heal on their own and since David’s injury was in the acute phase, or it had just recently occurred, Dr. William Tisol suggested a new rib fracture stabilization technique. Following the procedure, David felt an immediate improvement. 

Gerald Borchert describes his rib fracture and the treatment he received at Aurora Health Care.

Gerald Borchert

When Gerald slipped off the back of a truck, his chest hit the trailer hitch on the fall down and the impact caused many ribs to break. He was taken to a hospital in Antigo, WI where he was stabilized. When he traveled home to West Bend, he started a regime of medication and exercise, but after 8 weeks there was no improvement.

Gerald and his wife, Sandy, then met with Dr. William Tisol to discuss rib fracture stabilization and decided they could no longer wait for the ribs to heal on their own.