Cardio-Oncology Program

Our cardio-oncology program was instituted to provide better care for cancer patients with a history of cardiovascular disease or those who develop cardiac complications from their cancer treatments.

The cardio-oncology team concept is dedicated to addressing the cardiovascular side effects of cancer treatment.

Our goals are :

  1. To monitor our cancer patients who are receiving treatment for side effects that may require a cardiovascular specialist
  2. Provide collaborative care for those patients who present with heart failure following traditional cancer treatments that are that are associated with cardiac dysfunction including radiation, anthracyclines, or other agents.
  3. To monitor and study other potential complications of cancer therapy including heart rhythm disorders, cardiomyopathy, hypertension and ischemia.

Our team approach to cancer care is to minimize the cardiotoxic effects of cancer treatment while providing the best care possible.

Services Provided

The cadio-oncology program provides cardio-oncology monitoring and testing. Close monitoring of heart function during and after treatment are critical to the treatment process for the best possible outcomes. Our team provides imaging tests, such as an echocardiogram, which are performed in a specific way to measure cardiac effects of the cancer treatment. We also provide team conferences with our patients to discuss treatments options available.

Why Choose Aurora for Cardio-Oncology?

Our team approach includes Oncology physicians, Cardiologists, Nurse navigators, and other disciplines to guide individualized therapy for our cancer patients. We have developed surveillance protocols to monitor effects of cancer treatment agents to safely provide the best outcomes.

Our imaging team has had additional training to provide the highest level of monitoring and surveillance during and after your treatment. Our cardiologists are a dedicated team who specialize in cardio-oncology and are nationally known for their work in this field.

Our oncologists are also leaders and researchers in the field of cardio-oncology and provide the best treatment options in a collaborative environment to optimize your care.

Our doctors are conveniently located throughout eastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois. Find a doctor or heart specialist near you. To get a second opinion or if you need assistance finding a provider, please call 888-649-6892.