Cardiac LifeVest

Treating Cardiovascular Diseases in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

A cardiac LifeVest is a personal defibrillator device that is worn around the clock to monitor the patient's heart. If the vest senses abornmal heart rhythms that may be life threatening, it has the ability to shock a patient's heart, similar to how an internal or external defibrillator works to restore a normal heart rhythm.

The cardiac LifeVest is offered to patients who have been diagnosed with a weakened heart and are at risk for sudden cardiac death. The device conists of a lightweight garment vest worn under clothing and a monitor worn at the waist. The LifeVest is typically used short term until they qualify for an internal cardiac defibrillator (ICD).

Risks and Side Effects of a LifeVest

The risk of getting an inappropriate shock from the LifeVest is very minimal. When the vest senses a life threatening heart rhythm, it will beep for a few seconds. If in those few seconds the patient does not feel lightheaded or dizzy, they can press a button conveniently located on the monitor at their waist. This will inhibit the device from shocking.

Why Choose Aurora for a LifeVest

Aurora is formally recognized for treating patients with a LifeVest. If a patient has an emergency or receives a shock, Aurora will be notified. Everything is computerized and your doctor’s office can access information immediately through a website.

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