Limb Salvage Surgery

Limb salvage surgery is needed when arterial blood flow to a leg is decreased caused by peripheral artery disease.

Symptoms include pain in the calf or leg with walking, pain in the leg with rest, or non-healing ulcers to the leg. Often other methods such as medications, a walking program, or angioplasty and stents to the arteries in the legs have been tried, but peripheral artery disease my progress requiring surgery.

These surgeries include removing plaque from an artery, called en endarterectomy, or a bypass graft around a blockage in the artery of the leg. The bypass can be a healthy vein taken from the patient’s leg, or an artificial synthetic graft. 

More complex surgeries bypass from the aorta to the legs or from one leg to the other. Once blood flow is restored to the leg, the pain caused by lack of flow is greatly improved and ulcerations have a greater chance to heal. Normal activity can be resumed in two to three weeks in most cases. 

Limb salvage surgeries require general anesthesia and a breathing tube which is removed after surgery. Patients need en evaluation by their primary care provider or cardiologist to evaluate their heart and lungs prior to anesthesia. Some patients may need a cardiac stress test or a cardiac catheterization prior to surgery. 

Why Choose Aurora for Limb Salvage Surgery?

Aurora’s Vascular Center is unique combination of vascular specialists in one suite to provide a collaborative effort in caring for each patient. The center includes CT scan and ultrasound suites for imaging tests in the office, followed by an appointment with one of the Vascular providers. Tests are reviewed immediately by our staff and results are discussed with the patient at the appointment following the testing.

Our staff includes Vascular Medicine Physicians, Vascular Surgery, Vascular Interventionalists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, and imaging technicians to meet the needs of each patient. Follow up care includes regular visits, ultrasound, and ongoing evaluation by our specialists.

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