Aurora Parish and Congregate Nurse program

Working collaboratively with local faith communities to encourage and support ministries of health and healing

Aurora and its congregational partners have expanded the role of the hospital by bringing the care of the whole person to the faith community. Our program holistically addresses the spiritual needs of the congregation while emphasizing various health care needs.

Parish/congregate nursing focuses on health within the context of the values, beliefs and practices of a faith community. Registered nurses receive special education to provide holistic health care in the church/congregation setting. Parish nurses address health and well-being by focusing on the mind, body and spirit.

The parish/congregate nurse is a vital connection between the faith community and the health care system. Working with the pastoral team and lay leaders, the parish nurse links the needs of the people with the resources of the congregation, the health care system and the local community.

Parish nurses facilitate healing

  • EDUCATING members about the relationship between lifestyle, attitude, faith and well-being
  • COUNSELING members about health issues, self-care to prevent disease, coping with chronic disease and dealing with other problems
  • REFERRING members to the appropriate community health services and other care agencies
  • FACIliTATING programs and leadership within the parish/congregation to promote healing. Empowering members to be part of the healing as volunteers and support group leaders
  • SUPPORTING members who are making health decisions

For more information contact Sue Schaus, 414-290-5495.

Parish-based partnerships