Cosmetic Plastic Surgery FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime people consider an elective surgery, such as cosmetic plastic surgery, they have many questions. We’re providing you with a number of the most frequently asked questions we encounter at Aurora Health Care.

Questions About the Procedures

Questions About Cosmetic Procedures at Aurora Health Care

Questions About Consultations

Questions About Insurance and Financing

Am I a good candidate for cosmetic plastic surgery?

There are many factors that surgeons consider when deciding whether or not someone is a good candidate for cosmetic plastic surgery, including age, type of procedure and general, overall health. During your initial consultation, a surgeon at Aurora will listen to your questions and concerns to find out what you’re looking for, and will discuss the options that are best for you.

What results can I expect from my cosmetic procedure?

Results vary greatly from procedure to procedure and person to person. But, all surgeons at Aurora Health Care are dedicated to providing care and results that will meet or exceed your expectations. After you meet with your surgeon for the first time, you should have a good idea about what you can realistically expect from the procedure or procedures you’re considering.

When you come to Aurora for cosmetic plastic surgery, you’ll have convenient access to all of the physicians and services you need for care after your surgery.

Will my surgery be performed under general or local anesthesia?

The type of anesthesia required will depend on your surgeon’s preference, the type of procedure and the area of your body on which the procedure is being performed. Some cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, such as bariatric body contouring and breast augmentation, are almost always done under general anesthesia, but some procedures can be performed with local anesthesia – or even no anesthesia at all. Your surgeon will discuss your anesthesia options with you before your procedure.

The anesthesia option your surgeon chooses will relate to the procedure and what’s in your best interest. We will always choose the anesthesia that is safest for you.

What are the potential risks of surgery?

All surgical procedures carry risks, including cosmetic plastic surgeries. However, at Aurora, your safety is a top priority, and we take every precaution to ensure our patients’ safety during every procedure we perform. Your surgeon will talk with you about the specific risks of your surgery before your procedure.

How much swelling or bruising can I expect, and how long will it last?

The amount of swelling and bruising patients experience and the time it lasts varies greatly from person to person, and some procedures are likely to produce more swelling or bruising than others. Before your procedure, your surgeon will talk with you about what you can expect during recovery, including swelling and bruising.

What is the recovery process like for cosmetic procedures?

Depending on the procedure, the recovery process can be very short or it can take days to weeks. For example, an injectable filler, such as Juvederm, will have little or no recovery time. But, the recovery period for a major surgical procedure, such as breast reduction, could take weeks. To learn more about what to expect for recovery time for your procedure, ask your surgeon.

How soon will I be able to return to work?

The length of time you’ll need before returning to work will vary depending on the type of procedure or procedures you choose. You can go back to work the same day after some procedures, and some procedures will require days or weeks of rest and recovery before you can safely return to work. The type of work you do – sedentary versus active – also affects your recovery time. Consult with your surgeon for more information.

Do you have any before and after photographs I can see?

Your surgeon will likely have some before and after photographs for you to view.

How do I find a cosmetic plastic surgeon at Aurora Health Care?

Learn more about our board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeons or schedule a consultation.

How long are initial consultations?

Most new patient consultations will take about 60 minutes.

What can I expect from my initial consultation?

During your consultation, your physician will spend about an hour talking with you. The appointment will cover:

  • Your detailed medical history
  • A specific examination of the area(s) where you’re considering surgery
  • A discussion of your options, including what to expect from the procedure(s), the pros and cons of surgery, the costs involved and your financing options
  • Clinical photos being taken

You will also have time to ask the surgeon questions and talk about your concerns.

Should I bring anything to my initial consultation?

If you have any related medical records, you may want to bring those or have them sent to the physician before your first appointment. Contact the clinic to find out whether you can fill out any paperwork in advance.

Do you accept any insurance?

At Aurora Health Care, we accept most types of insurance. However, because most cosmetic plastic surgery procedures are considered elective, they are not covered by many insurance plans. However, there are exceptions. If you have questions about whether your procedure will be covered – in full or in part – by your insurance, call your insurance company directly to verify coverage.

Do you offer any financing options?

If your cosmetic plastic surgery procedure will cost more than $1000, you may be eligible for long-term financing through Care Credit. If you are interested in obtaining financing for your procedure, contact Care Credit directly. You can reach them by phone at 800-677-0718 or by visiting the Care Credit site.

You may also wish to finance your procedure privately, which is always an option.