Skin Care Products

Learn More About Skin Care Products at Aurora Health Care

What Skin Care Products do you Carry?

At Aurora, we carry many skin care products, including product lines from Avene, Glytone, Revision Skincare, SkinCeuticals, and VIVITÉ® Skin Care. These products were carefully selected because:

  • They are high quality products
  • The active ingredients they contain are at the highest strength for optimal treatment
  • Most patients tolerate the products well and have excellent results
  • The manufacturers offer a satisfaction guarantee
  • They are only available through physicians’ offices

How Can I Purchase Skin Care Products from Aurora?

The skin care products we offer are available through select physicians within the cosmetic surgery center. If you would like more information about our products or are interested in purchasing them, contact your physician’s office.

Do I Need a Prescription to Purchase Skin Care Products?

The skin care products we carry at Aurora do not require a prescription for purchase, but they are only available through physicians’ offices. Talk with your physician or surgeon if you’re interested in purchasing skin care products from us.

Are Skin Care Products Covered by Insurance?

Skin care products are often not covered by insurance. However, if you have a flexible spending plan for health care costs, your skin care products may qualify for reimbursement. If you have questions about whether or not your skin care products are covered, contact your insurance company directly.

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