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Aurora Family Service Celebrates 130 Years

Committed to building strong families since 1882, Aurora Family Service is the only comprehensive social service agency that gives families the tools to address their emotional, physical and financial concerns. Aurora Family Service helps families regain and maintain stability in their lives so that families have confidence and hope in their future.

Our administrative office and outpatient clinic is located at 3200 W. Highland Blvd in Milwaukee but most of our services are provided in the community and im the home of families.For more information call Aurora Family Service at (414) 342-4560

We offer services ranging from in-office family therapy to intensive home-based mental health services, comprehensive services for the elderly and their families, parenting education and support, and financial counseling.

Generous donations allow us to offer services on a sliding scale to meet every budget and situation.

Family Counselingmother

Our babies were born too early. They were so tiny we were afraid to touch them. The people at Family Service taught us how to hold and feed them with confidence, and now they grow stronger each day.

Collaborative Health Care

For 8 years I put up with my husbands drinking and abuse. Then one day the nurse at the clinic introduced me to Ann. She helped me see I had other choices. It took time, but I finally got the courage to take back my life.

Parenting Services

I wasn't ready to be a mother. I couldn't even take care of myself. But something happened when I went to my first Nurturing Program. I saw that my baby's future depended on me not smoking, eating right, going to the doctor. Now, the best part of the day is when I read to her.

Elder Services

It was hard to admit I needed help, even when my apartment manager told me I had to move. But Judith wouldn't give up on me. She found a doctor I go to regularly and a homemaker to do the laundry and a few chores. With a little help, I plan to stick around a long time!

Center for Financial Wellnessfather

I lost my job and had some problems with my checking account. Then I found out no bank would even talk to me for 5 years. I couldn't get a loan, and I was spending a fortune on money orders just to pay bills. Now I'm back on my feet financially.

Professional Education and Development

I came to the Family Therapy Training Institute after completing my masters degree but I wasn't quite ready to take on the tough work of dealing with real families with multiple problems. After two years of learning in the classroom, clinic and in families homes, working with the best minds in the field, I now have the skills, experience and confidence to make a difference in the lives of troubled families'.

(Dr. Lee was the first Hmong therapist in Wisconsin to achieve clinical membership in the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy-AAMFT.)