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Daily Money Management

elderservicesNeed assistance in managing day-to-day finances? We're here to help.

Many older adults need assistance in managing their day-to-day finances. Through Aurora Family Service's Elder Service Daily Money Management program, skilled representatives provide an array of in-home financial services – giving seniors and their families a sense of security and peace of mind. Aurora Family Service has been providing daily money management to seniors since 1987.

  • We provide safety, security, and convenience for our clients and their families
  • We offer professional, objective services that allow seniors and their families to focus on relationships, and not on the day-to-day tasks of money management
  • We are experienced, respected and insured

Want to learn more? Contact us or at (414) 342-4560.

Who benefits from working with a daily money manager?

  • Seniors
  • Adult children responsible for managing an aging parent's financial affairs
  • Frequent travelers
  • Anyone who struggles with paperwork

Daily Money Management services may include:

  • Basic money management
  • Developing and maintaining a budget
  • Assistance with paying bills
  • Reconciliation of bank statements and other banking tasks
  • Coordination of benefits and income sources
  • Assistance in completing and submitting forms (Social Security, Title 19, financial forms)
  • Help with medical and insurance benefits and bills
  • Establishing a reliable filing system

How the program works

When you enroll in our program, you will be assigned to a money management representative. Your representative will work with you, and if you desire, your family members, to complete a comprehensive assessment. This assessment allows us to determine your service needs and wants, and to develop a service plan with you. The assessment also is an opportunity for your representative to assess your financial situation and recommend money saving programs for which you may qualify.

Our Daily Money Management program allows for the payment of monthly bills one of two ways: either by writing checks for bills directly from your checking account, or by establishing a Simplicity Account. The Simplicity Account is an account held and managed by Aurora Family Service.

Your representative will determine the amount needed to pay your monthly bills and will arrange for you to deposit funds into the Simplicity Account. This allows Aurora Family Service to pay bills directly from this account, and to receive your bills at our office, saving time and providing a convenient way of ensuring that your bills are paid on time.

You and your representative will review your service plan every 6 months to determine if you want to make any changes. If you wish to make changes at any time, we will be happy to work with you to add, change or remove services.

Want to learn more?

Contact us or at (414) 342-4560.