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The Nurturing Program

The Nurturing Program is based on numerous studies confirming that parenting is learned. The way we raise our children is directly influenced by the way we were raised.

quoteWhatever their parenting style, all parents want the best for their children, to give them positive experiences that will help them reach their full potential and prepare them for the challenges of adulthood. The Nurturing Program gives parents the skills to do just that. Parents and children participate so that both learn similar skills and attitudes and are better able to maintain new behaviors.

familyHow the Nurturing Program works

It is not easy to change behaviors that are generations old. It takes time, energy and commitment. But intergenerational cycles of abuse, teen pregnancy, substance abuse and violence can be broken.

The Nurturing Program provides families with a safe, cohesive structure where they can learn to take care of themselves, so they can take care of each other. They learn to change destructive interactions and replace them with healthier ways of relating to one another. Parents find they're not alone as they learn from and support other parents. Slowly but surely, feelings of inadequacy and frustration give way to greater self-confidence and empathy for others.

The Nurturing Program is a series of group-based sessions that parents and children experience together. Nurturing Program Facilitator Training gives human service professionals and program graduates the knowledge and skills to effectively implement the program in their agency or community.quote2

This three-day, 22-hour training allows participants to experience first-hand the "magic" of the Nurturing model and shows them how to replicate that experience with the families they work with.

Participants in the Nurturing Program Facilitator Training will:

  • Experience first-hand basic Nurturing principles and group facilitation techniques
  • Learn from experienced Nurturing Program trainers/consultants
  • Receive a certificate upon completion of training

Aurora Family Service invites you to become part of a powerful learning experience. The Nurturing Program has been transforming families and changing lives since 1983.

Much more than just "feel-good" parenting advice, the Nurturing Program is based on solid research and proven success. Not only do program participants make Nurturing Parenting a part of their lives, but long-term follow-up studies show that skills and attitudes learned in the Nurturing Program last. Children grow up with healthy, caring models of behavior that shape their own self-image and parenting style. And gradually, the world can become a better place... one parent, one child, one family at a time.

Because every organization, and the families they serve, is different, the Nurturing Program is a flexible model whose basic principles have been successfully tailored for families of different cultures and backgrounds, including adaptations for self-nurturing and for elderly clients. Aurora Family Service trainers/consultants will work with your organization's staff to make sure the Nurturing Program curriculum fits the needs of your clients.