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Parenting Education

Prenatal Child Care Coordination and Child Care Coordination | Wraparound Milwaukee

motherPrevention has been an integral part of our philosophy. Reaching parents early, before and immediately after they give birth, has proven more effective and less costly than intervening after problems have occurred.

By strengthening the capacity of families to nurture their children, our parenting education services promote health and well-being generation after generation.

Prenatal Child Care Coordination and Child Care Coordination

A coordinated, home-based support service for new parents. Assessments are provided at the hospital after delivery. Parents assessed as high risk are offered supportive home visits by a case manager who provides information on infant care, child development, linkage to needed services and monitors the parent's progress toward agreed-upon goals.

Wraparound Milwaukee

Wraparound Milwaukee is a community-wide initiative targeted at adolescents in the juvenile justice system, and emotionally disabled youth and their families. Through coordinated community services addressing the full spectrum of each family's needs ("wraparound" services), the program seeks to keep youth in their homes or communities and out of residential placement and further involvement in the court system.

As one of 8 case management agencies for Wraparound, we provide comprehensive assessment, crisis intervention, case management, support and advocacy services to ensure children's safety in their homes, promote family strengths and self-sufficiency, and develop natural support systems that will remain in place after services terminate. The program is administered by Milwaukee County Child & Adolescent Treatment Center with clients referred from Children's Court.

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