Acupressure/finger acupuncture techniques for motion sickness and nausea

Acupressure, or finger acupuncture, is a variation of traditional acupuncture. It can be helpful for a variety of ailments including nausea and/or motion sickness. It involves firmly massaging specific acupuncture points related to nausea and/or motion sickness. This is the idea behind the wristbands recommended for morning sickness (sold under the name Seabands, etc.). These wristbands contain a small pea-sized nodule that is held firmly in place over acupressure point P6.


  • Locate the point P6 shown here. It is about two inches abovefinger the middle of the palmar wrist crease in between the two tendons.
  • This can be done while sitting or laying down.
  • Use the thumb to firmly press down and massage the point using a circular motion.
  • It works best if done on both sides at the same time. Thus, you may need a friend or relative to help. If no one else is available, you can perform this on each side for five minutes per session.
  • You can massage the point for up to five minutes many times per day when you experience nausea and/or motion sickness.
  • Acupressure is a safe, non-drug, simple to learn technique that can reduce nausea and/or motion sickness.