About Integrative Medicine

Healing-oriented Care for Health and Wellness in Wisconsin and Illinois

About Integrative MedicineIntegrative medicine is the thoughtful, evidenced-based combination of modern or conventional medicine with holistic medicine to help people on their journey to health and wellness.

Integrative medicine is wellness focused. Physicians and providers place an emphasis on nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. Additional integrative services, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, aromatherapy, guided imagery and vitamin/herbal supplementation are used when indicated and appropriate, by practitioners who are well-trained in the risks, benefits and evidence behind the therapies. This healing-oriented medicine takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.

Integrative Medicine Offerings at Aurora Health Care

Why Choose Integrative Medicine at Aurora Health Care

Integrative Medicine at Aurora Health Care focuses on joining holistic medicine with conventional medicine to enhance our patients' health and healing. Our Integrative Medicine physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants have advanced training through the Fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. We offer holistic and conventional medicine in a team-based setting.

Integrative Medicine in Primary Care

Our integrative medicine-trained physicians and team combine the best of science-based practice from conventional, complementary and integrative medicine to help each patient achieve an optimal state of well-being. You can choose to see an integrative massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, or nutritionist health coach as part of your care experience within Aurora Health Care.

What is an Integrative Medicine Consult?

We believe in establishing a healing partnership with our patients. This begins with a one-hour Integrative Medicine Consult. During this first visit, we will:

  • Review your medical history and any concerns
  • Review any medication or supplements you currently take
  • Evaluate your stress level, diet, exercise, and sleep habits
  • Perform lab work or evaluate recent lab work as needed

Together, we then set goals and explore the best type(s) of treatment for your unique needs.

Investing in the Future of Integrative Medicine

You may see a medical resident and an attending physician during your consultation at some locations. As Integrative Medicine is a new field, we are committed to growing an expanded group of physicians who will practice with this same collaborative, holistic philosophy.

Aurora Health Care is honored to be affiliated with the following national associations:

Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine

The Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine is the only professional association of institutions dedicated to including integrative healthcare across the tripartite service mission of academia: education, clinical and research. When an institution joins the Consortium, representative faculty become part of a vital network of leaders committed to advancing the principles and practices of integrative medicine. Faculty representatives belong to many different specialties within medicine and disciplines of healthcare. The Consortium sponsors many ongoing activities to facilitate involvement, professional development and networking among these faculty. Source: www.imconsortium.org

Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care (ACCAHC)

The Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Health Care seeks to enhance the health of individuals and communities by creating and sustaining a network of global educational organizations and agencies. It seeks to promote mutual understanding, collaborative activities and interdisciplinary healthcare education.

ACCAHC envisions a healthcare system that is multidisciplinary and enhances competence, mutual respect and collaboration across all healthcare disciplines. This system will deliver effective care that is patient centered, focused on health creation and healing, and readily accessible to all populations. Source: http://accahc.org

For More Information

To learn more about Integrative Medicine at Aurora Health Care or to find a provider location, please call (414) 219-5900, email IntegrativeMedicine@aurora.org, or visit our Integrative Primary Care and Consults page.