Programs and Wellness Services at Aurora

Partnering with you to help your community and workplace

Aurora Integrative Medicine offers a variety of services and educational presentations for community wellness programs and workplace wellness. Presentations range from 30 – 60 minutes in length. Topics can be delivered individually or combined in a single presentation. Custom presentations can be developed for specific audiences. We are happy to partner with you to create a presentation that meets your unique goals for wellness education.

We prefer at least 30 days lead time to schedule service or a presentation, but may be able to work with shorter time frames.

For more specific information on how we can help enhance your group’s wellness, please contact Aurora Health Care Department of Integrative Medicine at 414-219-5900 or email

Aromatherapy for Well Being

Essential oils have many therapeutic uses and positive influences on stress levels. Scents can trigger memories, emotions, uplift a mood and increase vitality.

Recommendation: One hour of education provided by an aromatherapy practitioner. Some organizations allow essential oils to be sold at their event. This allows immediate delivery of quality products and employee convenience. This option is completely at the discretion of the host organization. There is no additional charge for this to the organization. All sales are final and take place between purchasers and Aurora Integrative Medicine.

On-site Chair Massage

A growing number of organizations are offering the popular service of chair massage as part of their wellness programming. Each massage therapist (MT) can provide four 10-minute or three 15-minute chair massages per hour. Multiple MTs can be scheduled simultaneously. We have a two-hour minimum and a four-hour maximum per MT.

Breathwork for Stress Reduction

This simple technique can reduce stress immediately, and enhance a state of well-being with breathwork that facilitates relaxation.

  • Recommendation: One hour of education provided by an AHC massage therapist trained in Breathwork.

Guided Relaxation for Stress Reduction

Studies are continually reinforcing the positive benefits of meditation. This class covers a variety of guided relaxation and meditation techniques applicable to today’s workplace.

  • Recommendation: One hour of education provided by an Aurora massage therapist trained in guided relaxation techniques.

Self-care Techniques for Stress Reduction and Tension Relief

Is your work-station ergonomically correct? Do you get frequent headaches? Do you have a “mouser-shoulder”? This presentation focuses on simple self-care techniques (stretches, self-massage, work-station set-up, etc.) that can be put to use at your desk, at home or anywhere to relieve stress, tension and those common aches and pains.

  • Recommendation: One hour of education provided by an Aurora massage therapist trained in self-care techniques.