exerciseExercise (pulmonary rehabilitation)

Pulmonary rehabilitation will teach you to live and breathe better with chronic lung disease. The program is run by a team of medical professionals who are specially trained to treat people with lung disease. With the team's help, you'll learn about your condition and skills to help you manage it.

Pulmonary rehabilitation takes place in a group setting. This means that you'll have help and support from others with many of the same concerns, fears and goals as you.

The rehabilitation program will assist you in:

  • Techniques for breathing better
  • How to do things you want without shortness of breath getting in the way
  • When, how and why to take your medications
  • Safe ways to exercise so you can get stronger and increase how much you can do in your daily life
  • Ways to stay motivated to you can work toward your goals
  • Nutrition
  • Stress relief
  • Smoking cessation