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The Six Pillars Approach

Amin Kassam, Vice President of Neurosciences, explains the Six Pillar Approach.


Neurological innovation is an ongoing process. It’s about us solving problems to make your life better. In fact, the way we see it, it’s our job to keep researching, refining and evolving until we've uncovered the best treatments possible – for you, for each of our patients, in every individual case we treat.

And then we ask ourselves, how can we do it even better?

It’s this commitment to constant innovation that allows Aurora Health Care to provide you the most advanced medical and surgical options available today – including the Six Pillars Approach, pioneered by our own Amin Kassam, MD.

The Six Pillars of Neurosurgical Innovation

The Six Pillars of Neurosurgical Innovation
What are the Six Pillars of Neurosurgical Innovation? Click on the image above to view an animation that details each pillar of this minimally invasive neurosurgery.

What Is the Six Pillars Approach?

In the past, if you had a tumor located deep in the brain (subcortical), chances were it was considered inoperable because it was too difficult to reach. With the Six Pillars Approach, we can often access and resect your tumor with technology that allows us to do it better and safer than we ever did before.

A minimally invasive surgical technique, the Six Pillars Approach integrates several new technologies, including GPS-like navigation and High Definition optics, to travel along the natural folds of the brain to get to hard-to-reach tumors. This is all done through an opening as small as a dime – and in some instances, even while you’re awake. This innovative technique may also result in dramatically shorter hospital stays and lower complication rates – while providing you with equal or even better results than traditional treatment options we used before.

What Does the Six Pillars Approach Treat?

  • Tumors and lesions located deep within the brain (subcortical)
  • Malignant primary brain tumors (glioblastomas)
  • Metastatic cancer that has traveled to the brain from other parts of the body
  • Vascular malformations (cavernomas, avms and intracerebral hemorrhages)

What Are Some Potential Advantages of the Six Pillars Approach?

  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Fewer complications because healthy surrounding brain tissue, nerves and other critical structures are less likely to be disturbed
  • Faster recovery and shorter hospital stays
  • Treatment tailored to your individual condition
  • The opportunity to collect the tissue to design personalized treatments

Want Additional Information?

View peer-reviewed publications by Dr. Amin Kassam, Vice President of Neurosciences:


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