Microvascular Decompression

About Microvascular Decompression

Microvascular decompression is a minimally invasive surgical procedure done to relieve pressure from artery or vein pressing against the cranial nerve that is compressed, which supplies sensation or movement to the face and throat.

Microvascular decompression can help relieve symptoms, such as pain and muscle twitching that are the result of the compressed nerve. During the procedure, your doctor will separate the blood vessel from the cranial nerve to eliminate the pressure or pulsations that is causing your symptoms. These symptoms can result in specific syndromes depending on the specific cranial nerve being compressed.

  • Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia
  • Hemifacial spasms
  • Trigeminal neuralgia

Microvascular Decompression: What to Expect

Using a “GPS” system during microvascular decompression surgery, your ANII neurosurgeon will make an incision behind your ear. Using a microscope, your neurosurgeon will identify where the blood vessel is putting pressure on your cranial nerve. The surgeon will separate them and insert a "pillow" between both to prevent pressure or pulsations in the future.

Typically you’ll be out of the hospital two days after surgery, and your staples will be removed after 14 days. The majority who undergo this surgical procedure feel immediate relief.

If you are experiencing facial pain or twitching, the neurological experts at Aurora Health Care can help. They can diagnose the cause of your pain and alleviate any symptoms.

At Aurora, our neurosurgeons are amongst the most experienced in the world, having performed more than 1,000 microvascular decompressions and have taught courses across the world. They have also treated patients from across the world. The team also provides a comprehensive and unique group of neurologists, neuroradiologists and ENTs, whom are all located on the same site and in the same clinic to provide personalized, individualized and timely care that is made convenient for you so you can focus on improving.

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