Regional Epilepsy Center

Located at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center in Milwaukee, WI

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Neurologist, George Morris, MD, and neurosurgeon, Shekhar A. Dagam, MD, explain the details of epilepsy surgery in this series of eight videos.

Aurora’s Regional Epilepsy Center located at the Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, is one of only a few comprehensive epilepsy treatment programs in the Midwest. In addition to the excellent treatment options throughout Aurora Health Care such as the epilepsy program in Green Bay at Aurora BayCare Medical Center's NeuroCare Brain and Spine Center.

Providing specialized treatments available to patients from any Aurora facility or affiliated physician, the Aurora Regional Epilepsy Center was designed with one sole purpose: to help epilepsy patients lead normal lives, free from seizures and free from medical side affects.

The Center’s multidisciplinary team consisting of neurologists, neurosurgeons, a neuroradiologist, radiologists specializing in nuclear medicine, a pharmacologist, neuropsychologist and an educational counselor, evaluate patients who might benefit from a better definition of their seizure type through epilepsy monitoring or from surgical treatment. All of the specialists confer with fellow team members to develop personal epilepsy care plans for each and every patient.

This aggressive, specialized approach has been extremely successful as the Center consistently reports approximately 85% of its patients have at least a 90% seizure reduction.

Treatment for Epilepsy: A comprehensive evaluation

When a patient enters the Aurora Regional Epilepsy Center, an evaluation begins with a thorough review of past medical records, X-rays, MRIs. This is followed by a meeting with the patient and family members to discuss the history of medications, treatments and the degree of seizure control that has been achieved since the first seizure.

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