Nerve Care

Wisconsin's Leading Nerve Care Doctors Are Here

As one of our body’s most complex systems, nerve system care takes a highly advanced multidisciplinary team approach. Aurora Health Care’s neurological doctors are on the leading edge of advances in nerve care, whether it's a new minimally invasive techniques or participation in clinical trials. Our patients benefit from the depth and breadth of our experience and all of the latest innovations.

Nerve Conditions

The nervous system is an information superhighway that threads throughout our bodies responsible for controlling all the biological processes and movements in our bodies. Sometimes this intricate system of biological fibers is interrupted, becoming pinched or compressed. Things like tumors, illnesses, diseases, swelling (from injury or fluid changes), toxins (poisons) and heredity are often the reasons.

Our bodies react to the interruptions in the form of these nerve conditions which Aurora neuro doctors are experts at treating:

  • Acoustic neuroma: benign tumor of the 8th cranial nerve, the acoustic nerve, which is involved with the sense of hearing and with control of balance
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: disorder of the hand and wrist in which a nerve becomes compressed and irritated, resulting in pain, tingling and numbness
  • Peripheral nerve disorders: peripheral nerves are located outside your brain and spinal cord. Disorders, or peripheral neuropathy, typically occur from damage from injury or illnesses, such as diabetes, lupus or AIDS, or from diseases of the nerves themselves
  • Trigeminal neuralgia (also known as Tic doloroux): a condition resulting in excruciating facial pain, which the cause is unknown in most cases. However, in some cases, an abnormally formed artery is compressing a nearby nerve
  • Ulnar nerve entrapment: when you hit your "funny bone," you actually bump the ulnar nerve. If this nerve becomes inflamed from a more severe injury, it may become ”trapped” between bones and other surrounding tissues in the cubital tunnel at the inside of your elbow

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