Parkinson Care

Thanks to Aurora, Wisconsin Is a Leader in Parkinson Research

Seeing an elderly parent or loved one struggle with the symptoms of Parkinson disease can be difficult, even polarizing. The staples of independent life start to fail: eating, drinking, writing, walking and driving become very challenging and dangerous, not only to themselves but to others as well.

But, for an illness that, to date, has no cure, the best medicine is often people – people dedicated to Parkinson care, with a commitment to finding answers -- people who pledge to never give up in their quest to help patients control their lives. Those people are at Aurora Health Care.

Aurora’s Parkinson disease experts are among a select few in the nation conducting leading edge research to find alternative treatments and helps alleviate symptoms, including: medication management, rehabilitation services, behavioral health, home care, complementary medicine and much more.

We also provide surgical intervention for patients unrelieved by medications. It's this unique combination of people, expertise and services that make Aurora’s Parkinson disease care the area’s best, by bringing hope and comfort to so many living with this disease.

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