Spine Care

The "Backbone" of Wisconsin Spine Care

If you ever experienced back pain, you know that it can be very painful and extremely debilitating. The good news: some aspirin and rest will usually allow it to subside and eventually heal. Now, imagine that pain on a daily basis, possibly preventing you from doing simple movements or enjoyable tasks and living aspirin to aspirin.

Aurora Back and Spine Program at St. Luke's Medical Center
The Aurora Back and Spine Program at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center offers a single point of access – one phone number – and the guidance of a nurse navigator for complete coordination of services tailored for each individual patient. With a full range of integrated treatment options, including more conservative pain management approaches, our team of back and spine experts help patients explore all possible options before surgery.

Don’t wait until your back problem becomes unbearable. To schedule an appointment and for more information, call 414-649-3300.

Our team of highly qualified back and spine care experts offer patients a full spectrum of integrated treatment options, including physiatry, rehabilition, neuroscience, orthopedics, integrative medicine, integrative therapies, pain management, diagnostics and behavioral health. Our multidisciplinary team treats thousands of patients every year, both from within eastern Wisconsin and outside the state.

Trust your back and spine care to a team that thoroughly considers the whole picture - your medical history, current medical condition, lifestyle, unique needs and more. We ensure patients understand all options and choose the best course of treatment that is timely and cost-effective. Whenever possible, the initial emphasis is on a conservative approach. 

Our back and spine care experts specialize in the following spine conditions, among many others:

  • Herniated disk: ruptured or slipped discs occur when the cartilage shock absorber between the bones of your spine displaces into the spinal canal, causing compression of your spinal nerve
  • Lumbar stenosis: narrowing of the lumbar spinal canal, causing pain in your back and lower extremities, weakness or numbness in your legs, and in severe cases, bowel or bladder disturbances
  • Spinal fractures: most spine fractures are caused by osteoporosis. In osteoporotic fracture, vertebrae within your fragile spinal structure collapse or compress, causing "dowagers" hump and shortened height, along with chronic and severe pain, reduced mobility and function, and loss of independence
  • Spinal tumors: abnormal tissue growth in your spinal cord, spinal canal or between the membranes covering your spinal cord

To schedule an appointment with a back and spine expert, call 414-649-3300.