Stroke Care

Joint Commission-certified Leader in Wisconsin

Our brains require constant flows of blood and oxygen to keep us healthy. When there is a stoppage, blockage or an interruption of any kind, a stroke occurs and the brain is literally on the clock in a race against death and to determine the quality of survival.

Aurora Health Care is making exceptional efforts to foster better outcomes for stroke care and, in doing so, earned the prestigious Certificate of Distinction for our leading number of Primary Stroke Centers in Wisconsin.

Stroke Care Standards

Our stroke care standards include:

  • Multidisciplinary acute stroke teams available 24/7
  • Written protocols for emergency care of stroke patients
  • Emergency department personnel trained in diagnosing and treating acute stroke
  • Dedicated stroke units staffed by physicians and nurses trained and experienced in care for acute stroke patients
  • Neuroendovascular services
  • Neurosurgical services available 24/7
  • Neuroimaging services available 24/7 to help physicians accurately identify the location of the problem
  • Diagnostic services including laboratory, EKG, and X-ray available 24/7
  • Outcome and quality improvement activities to monitor our patients' recovery

Aurora neurologists and neurosurgeons, rehabilitation therapists, occupational, speech and physical therapists, physicians, nursing staff and other dedicated and valuable staff members all work together to provide crucial, time-sensitive care to minimize the damage of stroke and provide quality of life after a stroke.

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