Retinal Detachment

Learn More About Retinal Detachment and Treatment at Aurora

What is Retinal Detachment?

The retina is the membrane of nerve tissue that lines the back of the eye. Retinal detachment often begins with a condition called posterior vitreous detachment (PVD). PVD can lead to a retinal tear, which can cause the retina to detach. Age, injury, eye disease and other conditions (such as diabetes) can put people at higher risk for retinal detachment.

A detached retina is a serious condition that requires immediate medical care to prevent vision loss and potential blindness. Once a retina detaches, permanent vision loss can occur within hours to days.

How is Retinal Detachment Treated?

Surgery is the only way to repair a detached retina. Surgical repair can be done using a variety of techniques. Three common surgeries are pneumatic retinopexy, scleral buckling surgery and vitrectomy.

Ophthalmologists at Aurora Health Care now use retinal lasers to repair a torn retina and prevent retinal detachment.

Why Choose Aurora Health Care For Your Eye Care Needs?

When it comes to caring for your eyes and vision, you want the best. And at Aurora, our ophthalmologists in Wisconsin and northern Illinois are dedicated to providing the best, most advanced eye care and treatments available today.

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  • Immediate access to referrals – Aurora Health Care offers hundreds of specialists under one roof, as part of one integrated health care team. Some eye conditions are signs of other conditions, such as diabetes, vascular disease and neurological issues. If your ophthalmologist sees evidence of other disease during your eye exam, he or she can make a referral to another specialist and get you an appointment right away.
  • Convenient care in multiple locations – Aurora has eye care specialists in a variety of locations across eastern Wisconsin. We have clinics, hospitals and surgery centers that offer the entire spectrum of eye care.
  • Care for infants through senior citizens – At Aurora, we have eye care ophthalmologists who specialize in eye care for both adults and children. Our pediatric ophthalmologists are specially trained to diagnose and treat eye conditions in children.
  • Innovation – You can expect innovative treatments using the latest advancements in technology, including:

How Do I Schedule a Consultation With an Ophthalmologist?

To schedule a consultation or appointment with an ophthalmologist at Aurora, call one of our ophthalmology offices directly. View the list of Aurora ophthalmologists.