Cornea and external eye diseases

Pediatric ophthalmology

Our staff is experienced in the various surgeries to correct children's eye disorders. Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center is the only southeastern Wisconsin center designed solely for eye surgery.

Disorders treated at the center

  • Strabismus (crossed eyes) – When eye muscles develop at different rates and cause an imbalance in alignment. This affects how the eyes focus on the same item at the same time
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) – Occurs when strabismus is left untreated, the child will learn to use the strong eye and ignore input from the underdeveloped eye

Eye muscles sometimes develop at different rates, which means the eyes don't move together. This uncoordinated movement could be the result of trauma from birth, brain injury, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. The child with vision problems may rub one or both eyes frequently, squint or tilt their heads to see better.

Surgery to realign the eyes is usually performed while the eyes are still developing to save vision in the affected eye. In adults, the surgery can be performed for cosmetic reasons and also following head or brain injury.

St. Luke's will continue to set the standard for eye care in the community and achieving the goal of improving your vision.