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Providing safety eyeglasses for your employees takes time and is complicated, with many aspects of offering a quality safety eyeglass program. Aurora Vision Center can help in assisting your employees with fitting, dispensing, and ordering of safety glasses.

We ensure that all lenses and frames meet or exceed ANSI standards.

We have competitive pricing for both safety and personal eyewear. Every employee has different needs and is unique. We can meet the challenges and demands for all prescriptions and lifestyles.

Custom safety programs

Aurora Vision Center has the ability to offer a complete department of ophthalmology and optometry, along with all optical needs. We can provide your employees with an experienced team of trained professionals using the latest in technology. You decide on the frame and lens options that meet your requirements and we can take it from there.

Customized authorization forms

Every company has specific programs designed that will provide all the appropriate guidelines. We can administer all aspects of your program.

Partners in education

Aurora Vision Center offers educational assistance for all human resource managers, benefit managers, safety directors and committees.

Changes to the ANSI standards

How has the ANSI standard changed?

  • It is now called the ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard
  • The new standard is performance driven
  • The new standard has two levels of performance for non-plano (prescription) lenses
    • Basic Impact
    • High Impact
  • It requires prescription safety frames to meet the High Impact test requirement with 2.0mm lenses

Important: An employee subjected to High Impact may not be adequately protected if wearing lenses tested only for Basic Impact.

New ANSI testing requirements

High Impact prescription lenses

  • Lenses must not be less than 2.0mm thick
  • Lenses shall be capable of resisting impact from a 6.35mm (1/4 in.) steel ball traveling at 45.7m/s (150 ft/s)
  • Lenses passing test will include "+" mark
  • Marking by manufacturer with "W" as a trademark would look like this: W+

Basic Impact prescription lenses

  • Lenses shall be a minimum of 3.0mm thick
  • Lenses are not tested to stringent High Impact requirements
  • Lenses will NOT be marked with a "+"
  • Protectors will be delivered to the wearer bearing a warning label indicating that the protector only meets the Basic Impact Standard

Prescription frames

  • All prescription safety frames must meet high-velocity and high mass impact resistance tests while retaining the lenses
  • The frame will be marked with "Z87-2"
  • All frames marked with "Z87-2" can be used for Basic Impact lenses and High Impact lenses


  • Lateral protection shall be assessed using a rotation point 10mm behind the corneal vertex, which means that shields must now provide more coverage

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