Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Patient Story

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Robert - Motorcycle Accident

One second, he was driving his motorcycle in a heavy mix of November snow and sleet. The next secondRobert woke up surprised to see his father's face. "I thought I was home in bed, so I said, 'Dad, what are you doing in my bedroom?'" It was then that he felt the tubes on his face, arms and body. "I knew I was in the hospital, and I knew I wasn't in good shape," he said.

As a Harley enthusiast, Robert put tens of thousands of miles on his motorcycles. Now, it seemed, It was unlikely that he'd ever ride again. That is, until Aurora orthopedic specialists got him back on the road.

Jeff - Waterskiing Accident

For Jeff Lee, water skiing was a natural as walking. He learned how to water ski as a child and now performs with a water ski club. Jeff was water skiing while vacationing in Florida. “I caught an edge wrong during a turn,” he recalls. He flipped over a total of three times and hit the water at 34 miles an hour.

When an injury threatened his ability to participate in one of his favorite activities, he sought out the orthopedic experts at Aurora Health Care.